Monday, August 19, 2013

50 of the Greatest Braids From Game of Thrones

Nudity. Wars. Dragons. Oversize egos. General displays of badassery: These are the things Game of Thrones is known for. But there's one particular aspect of the HBO show that can be appreciated by beauty lovers: the excellent braids. Worn in ponytails, half-ponies, buns, crowns, boho styles, and more, the ladies (and gentlemen) of the Seven Kingdoms are masters in hair plaits. On a functional level, it keeps hair out of their faces when fighting battles, eating raw horse hearts, or participating in activities with whores. On an aesthetic level, they are damn pretty. Now that the season finale is over, let us help you overcome your Game of Thrones withdrawal. Click through the slideshow to see some of the best braids that have been shown thus far in all three seasons (There are plenty of spoilers ahead.)

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New Bill Applies Child Labor Laws to Models Under 18

Today, Model Alliance members Sara Ziff and Coco Rocha joined New York state senators Diane Savino and Jeff Klein to propose new legislation that would protect models younger than 18 under the same child-labor laws applied to dancers, actors, and performers of the same age. Enforced by the Department of Labor, the bill would command the following, according to fashion-law professor Susan Scafidi:

Not only would minor models require a permit, but their employers would be required to apply for a general certificate of eligibility to employ child performers and then notify the state of specific dates/times/places beforehand ...

Child models' hours are already restricted by law, depending on their exact ages and whether or not school is in session, but few people who work with models are aware of the exact details. Limits under the new law would be complex but actually more flexible, though they require breaks, including meals. And no sending the models home after midnight on a school night — or asking them to return to work less than 12 hours after they've left.

Other requirements for employing children under 18: If they miss over three days of school, their employer must provide a tutor and space for them to study. Children under 16 must be accompanied by a chaperone. Can you imagine desks and parents backstage at fashion shows? It sounds unlikely, and enforcement might be tricky, especially since models are commonly considered "independent contractors" rather than employees. But establishing some basic rights for these kids — because they are, in fact, children — should be a priority. The bill could pass as early as next week, posing complications for modeling agencies. Alternatively, they could just cast models over 18, which really wouldn't be so bad.

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Sony E3 2013 PlayStation liveblog!

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Zoom on Resort: Acne, Prabal Gurung, and More

Acne's resort 2014 collection mixed night and day elements in an odd way that worked. There were electric-blue suede flatforms with plenty of utilitarian straps paired with fluid satin gowns knotted haphazardly at the knee; silk gazar bustiers worn over a cotton-organdy parka and matching trousers. The most striking part of the collection was the clever mix of magentas, blues, and greens, and iridescent sequins that never overwhelmed.

Later, Prabal Gurung presented a lengthy collection of graphic separates accented with navy, poppy red, and citron yellow. The best looks had unusual touches that seemed fanciful for resort, like raccoon fur woven in a black-and-white intarsia, or ostrich feathers rendered in a white and red dégradé on a blocked halter dress that seemed like it was reappropriated for a cocktail party from the tennis court.

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Sony PS4 will support used games: no restrictions, online check-in or authentication required

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Sony PS4 will support used games with no restrictions

Perhaps the biggest news post-console reveal here at Sony's E3 presser: the PS4 will play used games without any restrictions or authentication. In broader terms, that means that when you purchase physical media, that disc can then be traded-in at retailers like GameStop, lent / sold to friends or kept forever as part of your enduring library. What's more, unlike Microsoft's controversial Xbox One 24-hour offline gaming window, PS4 owners will not have to connect to the internet in order to continue playing games. Effectively, that makes the PS4 fully playable offline; it also arguably hands the E3 2013 crown to Sony. For a brief instructional (and intentionally cheeky) demo on how this used game process works, check out Sony's homemade video after the break.