Monday, October 28, 2013

Google Search field trial adds Gmail contact info to your search results, promises Google+ profile support soon

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Google Field Trail adds Gmail contact info to search results, promises Google profile support soon

If you've already signed up to Google's experimental field trials, you might have started to notice people you know appearing within search queries. Expanding on shipping and flight results offered previously, Google's pulling that information from your Gmail account, meaning that you'll be able to poll for contact numbers, addresses (and more) through the search box. Of course, only you will be able to see the results and the beta feature can even link up to voice search. It currently supports all of your Gmail contacts, while Google+ connections are in the pipeline for future field tests. You can sign up to the trials at the second link below.


Best Bet: Jonathan Adler Pop Bath & Body Collection

Jonathan Adler, the interior designer behind those collectible ceramic animals and cheeky needlepoint pillowcases, is now invading your bathroom with his pop-art-inspired bath and body collection. The hand wash and lotions are sold separately (for mixing and matching) or in sets of two. They're available in vibrant, summery scents of grapefruit, fig, and tomato. Buy them for yourself, or bring them to brighten up your weekend host's powder room.

Jonathan Adler Pop Bath & Body Collection, $22 each or $38 per set

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Why Did Kate Moss Need a Body Double for This Ad?

Kate Moss and her fur-clad, nipply body double were photographed on a fashion set by the paparazzi in London a few days ago, and the resulting ads, for shoe label Stuart Weitzman, are already out. (Interesting side note: WWD reports that the paparazzi very kindly refrained from taking pictures of Moss during her smoke breaks, per her request.) This is Moss's second season with the brand.

But here's the real question: Why was it necessary to get Moss a body double for this? In addition to these print ads, Weitzman will roll out a video commercial later this summer, so chances are Moss got a (much younger) stand-in for some of the footage, which can't be airbrushed to death the same way that photographs can. Still, it says a lot that even Moss needs (well, "needs") these tricks.

See all of the photos, plus Lauren Hutton's Lucky Brand campaign and more, in our ever-expanding fall 2013 ads slideshow.

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Kate Middleton’s Pram, and All the Other Royal Baby Rumors You Ever Wanted to Know

Kate Middleton's baby is almost here — her due date is in July — and now that she's holed up at her parents' house for the remainder of her pregnancy, the media has nothing to do but concoct rumors about her impending motherhood. We've rounded up all the information floating around the Internet, both factual and speculative, to quench your royal baby thirst. Read on for Kate's nursery color scheme, the name rumors, her birth plan, and all the other stuff you desperately need to know.

1. The Nursery
Kate is preparing two nurseries: one at her and Will's newly renovated apartment at Kensington Palace, and one at her parents' house in Bucklebury, where she'll reportedly stay for a few months after she gives birth (after his two weeks of paternity leave, William will return to his RAF duties). Her color scheme of choice apparently revolves around "herringbone brown," according to ABC News, which could be convenient for diaper accidents. She has supposedly purchased a $450 Moses basket as well as a Bugaboo Cameleon3 special edition stroller in jewel blue with black and white stripes. (Fun fact: Kate Hudson and Sienna Miller have the same stroller in different colors.) Last week, she was seen shopping for antiques near her parents house.

2. The Birth
There are conflicting reports about the due date, which is said to fall sometime between July 11 and 14. According to a detailed press release from St. James Palace, Kate intends to give birth naturally in a private wing of St. Mary's Hospital. She'll be attended to by her two gynecologists, and William will be present. Once the baby is born and all "senior" members of the royal family have been notified, the palace will announce the birth by putting a piece of paper on an easel out front that states the baby's gender, weight, and time of birth. They'll also tweet the news.

3. The Name
Kate and Will have chosen not to learn the baby's gender before its birth, and they've actually done a pretty good job of keeping it a secret. However, bookies have been taking bets on prospective names, and the current front-runner is Alexandra, one of the queen's several middle names, and also the name of William's godmother. The top boy name is George, which was the name of the Queen's dad as well as six previous British kings. Others in the running: Charlotte, which is Pippa's middle name (and the best name EVER, obviously), Philip, which is William's grandfather's name, and Elizabeth.

4. The Gifts
The Prime Minister of Australia knit the baby a little kangaroo stuffed animal, while Kate's uncle, Gary Goldsmith, told the Sun he plans to get the baby a tiny Chelsea football uniform.

5. Her Frame of Mind
Kate is "really enjoying her final weeks of pregnancy" and "finds pregnancy fascinating," according Us Weekly's unnamed source.

6. Other Random Tidbits
It's unclear whether Kate plans to breastfeed, but one woman wrote an impassioned op-ed for the Telegraph begging her to do so for "the good of the nation." The Duchess has also been taking cooking classes from the royal housekeeper, Antonella Fresolone.

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How to Wear Your Hair Down in Summer Like a Model

Last night, a bunch of pretty people showed up in the middle of London's Kensington Gardens to attend the Serpentine Gallery's annual Summer Party. Typically a fashion designer plays host, and this year's shindig was placed under the tasteful watch of L'Wren Scott. Boyfriend Mick Jagger was in attendance; so was Sarah Jessica Parker. Also, a bevvy of tall, leggy models — and they all wore their hair down. Was there a pre-party model memo? A group text?

More likely just practical planning: London's cooler, less humid weather (when it's not raining) is probably more conducive to these kinds of 'dos. Because when frizz is a major factor, hair tends to get the shellac treatment. Let's break down the variations Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigova, Georgia May Jagger and Karen Elson took on loose, shoulder-skimming hair. 

Like an angel.

Naomi Campbell: Shiny Bangs
Her hair is so shiny, it looks like she has a halo around her head. Can you see it? This is probably due to the model's inner wonderfulness. You can achieve a similar look with Oribe's Shine Spray.

Eva Herzigova: Disco Curls
All she's missing is a spectacular sequined jump suit and Donna Summers playing in the background. Mimic the look with the help of some hot rollers and volumizing mousse.

Kate Moss: Kate Moss
This is the model's signature. There's just enough height at the roots, touchable texture, and overall shine to suggest that this isn't a slept-in look from last night. Chances are her stylist worked in some of that new texture spray from Kerastase (she's the collection's spokesperson, after all).

Georgia May Jagger: I-Don't-Care Hair
The 21-year-old possesses the kind of easy, British glamour that usually calls for a blown-out look and painted red lip. Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Perhaps all she had time for was an oil-absorbing, hair-refreshing spritz of dry shampoo. 

Karen Elson: Vintage Bob
Doesn't she always look like she's just stepped out of an old-timey movie? Her carefully styled earmuff curls seem to have benefitted from the heat of a curling iron and lots of hair spray.

Jacquetta Wheeler: Bring Back the Pixie
The model used to have a cropped cut that accentuated her delicate features. This shoulder length hair that's tousled (thanks to some texture spray) walks the Brooklyn Decker line.

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More on Kate Moss’s Body Double, Natalie Morris

The woman who stood in for Kate Moss in a few scenes from her forthcoming Stuart Weitzman commercial (the print ads came out yesterday) has been identified by British Vogue as Natalie Morris, an L.A.-based model-slash-actress who has also appeared in W as well as TV shows like Smallville and Portlandia. She was photographed by bored paparazzi on set this week while Kate was off smoking; at five foot eight, she's about Kate's height, and their proportions are similar. Some cursory Facebook stalking reveals that she hails from Oregon, enjoys Persian food, and spends evenings hanging out with her mom and poodle Shaboo.

Based on how much press she's gotten this week, being Kate Moss has been a big break for Morris. It's too early to call her the Keira Knightley of the modeling world (Knightley, as you may recall, got her start as Natalie Portman's double in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace), but she's well on her way to minor fame — perhaps more of the caliber of Kate Clark, Angelina Jolie's body double in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, or Zoe Bell, who was Uma Thurman's double in Kill Bill and did so well that Quentin Tarantino cast her as her own character in his next movie, Death Proof. Anyway, congrats, Morris! Perhaps more model body doubles of the world — who knew they even existed? — will come forth after this. 

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