Thursday, October 24, 2013

FCC listing exposes new Roku Streaming Stick remote with audio out

DNP FCC listing exposes new Roku Stick remote, brings parity with Roku 3 remote

Roku introduced a new remote with audio out for its third generation player, and an FCC filing reveals its Streaming Stick will get the same treatment soon. The new remote adds a headphone out and... that's it, since the Streaming Stick already used WiFi Direct for communication and control. Users shouldn't notice much difference however, in our review the batteries lasted for hours even with headphones plugged in. How does this revised unit align with Roku's plans to become the front end for your TV? We're not sure yet, but it appears the dongle is still a part of its plans.

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Roku 3 thumbnail image Key specs Reviews • 15 Prices Type Audio / video player Video services Netflix, Amazon, Other Audio services Napster, Pandora, Rdio, Rhapsody, Spotify, Other Video outputs HDMI (1 outputs, v1.4) Audio outputs via HDMI WiFi 802.11 a, b, g, n Ethernet 10/100 [Fast Ethernet] Released 2013-03-06 see all specs ? Media support 8.6 Video quality 9.2 Audio quality 9.2 Ease of use 9.2 Design and form factor 9.4

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Roku Streaming Stick thumbnail image Key specs Reviews • 0 Prices Type Audio / video player Video services Netflix, Amazon, Other Audio services Pandora Video outputs HDMI (1 outputs) WiFi 802.11 b, g, n Released 2012-10-05 see all specs ? There are not any reviews for this product yet.
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write a reviewsee all reviews ? $89.99 + tax & shipping Buy now lab.script("");// iOS scaling fix(function(e){var c="addEventListener",b="gesturestart",g="querySelectorAll",f=[1,1],d=g in e?e[g]("meta[name=viewport]"):[];function a(){d.content="width=device-width,minimum-scale="+f[0]+",maximum-scale="+f[1];e.removeEventListener(b,a,true)}if((d=d[d.length-1])&&c in e){a();f=[0.25,1.6];e[c](b,a,true)}}(document));// hide chrome on mobile/mobile/i.test(navigator.userAgent) && !location.hash && setTimeout(function () { if (!pageYOffset) window.scrollTo(0, 1);}, 1000);

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Maggie Gyllenhaal Wore a Knitted Peplum Dress

Yesterday, at the White House Down, premiere in New York, the pixie-haired actress showed up in a strapless black-and-cream dress from Christian Dior's fall 2013 collection. While she looked cool and sun-kissed from the shoulders up, she looked like she truly missed winter from the belly down. Her dress's thick, midi-length knitted skirt also featured an impressive garland of ruffled knitted peplum around her waist that Etsy members would drool over. She finished off her look with a pop of bold pink on her lips and a pair of pointy black heels.

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Project Anarchy, Havok's mobile game development suite now available at no cost

Project Anarchy, Havok's mobile game development suite now available at no cost data = {blogUrl: "",v: 320};when = {jquery: lab.scriptBs("jquery"),plugins: lab.scriptBs("plugins"),eng: lab.scriptBs("eng")}; var s265prop9 = ('20640392' !== '') ? 'bsd:20640392' : ''; var postID = '20640392'; var modalMNo = '93312529', modalVideoMNo = '93320648', modalGalleryMNo = '93304207'; when.eng("eng.omni.init", {pfxID:"weg",pageName:document.title,server:"",channel:"us.engadget", s_account: "aolwbengadget,aolsvc", short_url: "",pageType:"",linkInternalFilters:"javascript:,",prop1:"article",prop2:"cellphones",prop9:s265prop9,prop12:document.location,prop17:"",prop18:"",prop19:"",prop20:"", prop22:"timothy-j-seppala", prop54:"blogsmith",mmxgo: true }); adSendTerms('1')adSetMOAT('1');adSetAdURL('/_uac/adpagem.html');lab._script("").wait(function(){var floatingAd = new AdhesiveAd("348-14-15-13f",{hideOnSwipe:true});}); onBreak({980: function () { adSetType("F");htmlAdWH("93312529", "LB", "LB"); adSetType("");}}); EngadgetMenu NewsReviews Features Galleries VideosEventsPodcasts Engadget ShowTopics Buyers Guides Sagas Store Hands On More Betterer HD Mobile Alt Announcements Cameras Cellphones Desktops Displays Gaming GPS Handhelds Home Entertainment Household Internet Laptops Meta Misc Networking Peripherals Podcasts Robots Portable Audio/Video Science Software Storage Tablets Transportation Wearables Wireless Acer Amazon AMD Apple ASUS AT&T Blackberry Canon Dell Facebook Google HP HTC Intel Lenovo LG Microsoft Nikon Nintendo Nokia NVIDIA Samsung Sony Sprint T-Mobile Verizon About UsSubscribeLike Engadget@engadgettip uswhen.eng("eng.nav.init")when.eng("") onBreak({980: function () {htmlAdWH("93312530", "215", "35",'AJAX','ajaxsponsor');}});Project Anarchy, Havok's mobile game development suite now available at no cost MobileBypostedJun 27th, 2013 at 2:02 AM 0

Havok -- the physics middleware engine used by almost every big console and PC game -- announced its start-to-finish mobile game development suite will be available at no cost to developers. Project Anarchy has tools for everything: visuals, physics, artificial intelligence and animation. We say "no cost" instead of free for a reason: Havok expects a few things out of its users in return. It wants to co-market some finished games and for clients to become part of its development community. Currently, that dev community includes folks programming for iOS, Android and Tizen. Microsofties may not be left out, however, as Havok has "flexible business models" for Windows Phone if you ping its sales team. Full details in the links below.


Male Gaze: Alex Koch’s Bad Romance

CBS's newest drama, Stephen King's Under the Dome, premiered to 13 million viewers on Monday night; at least 10 million of those must have been glued to young actor Alexander Koch. I love aliens as much as the next girl, but what really hooked me on the show is the twisted relationship between Koch's character, Junior, and his girlfriend Angie. Sure, Koch is all dopey, wide-eyed boy next door, who is about as fresh to Hollywood as they come — he landed the role after his first audition ever — but it's the sense that beneath that innocent, farm-raised brawn is the smolder of a deeply disturbed individual. If a toxic relationship had an ideal, Alex Koch, you are it.

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Watch a Hot Hockey Player Lose His Beard on Vine

In the month before this week's Stanley Cup Finals, NHL players started growing out their notorious "Playoff Beards." It's tradition. But on Tuesday morning, after one team skated off the ice victorious (the Chicago Blackhawks), many men woke up with a new item on their to-do list: shaving.

Alas, the season was over; it was time to let the scruff go. And while his own team lost, Boston Bruins' defenseman Andrew Ference still won, big-time — with his spectacular use of Vine to showcase the removal of said playoff beard. In the six-second video, Ference made use of some rubber-eraser trickery and one fantastic sneeze. The best part is at the end, when he revealed some chiseled jawline handsomeness. Till next year ...

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Women Are the Most Powerful Celebrities and the Least Powerful Workers

Six of Forbes’ "Top 10 Most Powerful Celebrities" — revealed today — are women. Three, debatably four, of them go by one name. In order: (1) Oprah, (2) Lady Gaga, (4) BeyoncĂ©, (5) Madonna, (6) Taylor Swift, and (10) Ellen DeGeneres. The Daily Mail is all "Feminist mission accomplished," but, personally, I had hoped Angelina Jolie (41), who recently got the U.N. to recognize rape as a war crime, would be higher up and Ashley Judd, whose abortive political career revealed a new, ugly side of Senator Mitch McConnell, would make the list. But this is a ranking of powerful entertainers (as opposed to entertainers with power) — a much friendlier list, historically, for women and minorities than, say, Most Powerful People or World Billionaires. Also, all power lists are pretty much meaningless. More troubling is that the same gender breakdown still applies to the world’s least powerful people: Nearly two thirds of the people earning minimum wage are women.

That's largely because women dominate some of the lowest paid jobs, like child care, home health care, and housecleaning. It doesn't take into account the wage discrimination women face relative to men within their chosen fields, a gap that is larger in states where the minimum wage hasn't been raised above the federal minimum, $7.25 per hour. Additionally, three in four people earning the federal tipped minimum wage of $2.13 per hour (which has not budged in literal decades), such as restaurant servers, are women.

These statistics are in the political ether this week, the 75th birthday of minimum wage, as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Representative Rosa DeLauro have set out to rebrand raising minimum wage as part of a “women’s economic agenda,” the Huffington Post reports. The agenda includes "guaranteeing workers the opportunity to earn paid sick leave, expanding affordable child care programs and passing the Paycheck Fairness Act." “It’s about time we stop treating work in fields where women are the majority as less valuable than in male-dominated fields,” Vice-President Joe Biden said in a speech yesterday. 

It’s a logical strategy, both because the “war on women” thing ain’t broke, and because Democrats need to wrestle work-life balance, as an issue, back from Republicans and their deceptively named Working Families Flexibility Act. The proposed legislation would allow employers to encourage workers to trade their overtime wages for the flexibility to attend a parent-teacher conference or take care of a sick child, as if they should have to choose, and has been pitched on mommy blogs. Plus, who could blame Democrats for hitching their agenda to women, when women have been killing it at getting stuff done lately?

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