Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Male Gaze: It’s Dave Franco’s Birthday

In 2010, Esquire showed the world that the Franco brothers possess slight variations of the same voice, godlike bone structure, and giant, teeth-baring smiles. On the off-moments when they're not smiling, they're smoldering. But today Dave isn't just James's little brother. The man endowed with a fertile jungle of perfectly sculpted eyebrows and a choke-gargle of a laugh that still manages to be endearing (it's those Franco genes) turned 28 today. To celebrate, read a poem about his grandma that he penned in his high-school days, watch him in Now You See Me or any of his Funny or Die shorts, or just ogle away at him looking dapper in five different suits. And just for fun, try to figure out which Franco shows off more pearly whites each time he smiles in the video below.

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