Sunday, August 25, 2013

Video: Grace Coddington at Home With Her Cat

For her new Vogue cooking video series (yes, irony noted), Elettra Wiedemann went to Grace Coddington's apartment to make potatoes gratin and beef wrapped in fat (yes, really — but it's a well-known fact that fashion people love to pretend to love food). "It's a dish that any Vogue person really shouldn't be making, because it's incredibly bad for you," Coddington explains, pouring a pint of cream over sliced potatoes. Major highlights: Coddington's very fluffy cat, Bart, who licks his chops as he watches, and Coddington doing a little shimmy to demonstrate how models were supposed to dance on runways in the sixties. "I really love what I do," she says, "or else I wouldn't still be here annoying Anna, you know." Oh, Grace.

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