Sunday, September 29, 2013

Justin Bieber Is Releasing His Third Fragrance

If Justin Bieber's first two suggestively titled scents, "Someday" and "Girlfriend," didn't satisfy the Bieber-shaped hole in your heart, there's still hope. The pop star, who's spent the year maturing into manhood, is releasing a third, sleek, ambiguously titled fragrance to add to his olfactory empire. He's christened his new scent, a fruity floral musk with notes of vanilla, The Key; of course, the tall white bottle comes with a weighted, wearable gold key charm (complete with sparkling stones) that die-hard Beliebers can wear close to their hearts. Like the Walmart version of those Cartier bracelets.

The new scent will be hitting shelves in July, even before the One Direction bottle becomes available. Come fall, it'll be easy to sniff out the true Beliebers from the Directioners: grapefruit, or vanilla?

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