Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Male Gaze: Watch Henry Cavill Pump Iron

While watching Man of Steel, the only words my friend could muster upon seeing a bearded, topless Henry Cavill emerge from an ocean after saving lives and losing his shirt were, "He's. So. Jacked." I lost the power to blink. His pecs were pulsing, biceps bulging, and his abs actually looked like washboards. Vulture even dedicated a post to the hypnotizing effect of his fur chest that would not be tamed. To get an understanding of how Cavill carved his body into a bulging mass of Superman muscle, watch the National Guard ad below. It stars him. It's called "Soldiers of Steel." It features Cavill doing delightful things, like speaking in his British accent and flexing those gigantic, sweat-glistened muscles forever.

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