Monday, September 30, 2013

Zeebox can now listen in, automatically identify what you're watching

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Zeebox can now listen in, automatically identify what you're watching

Zeebox is making good on its cooperation with Gracenote today with the announcement that the second screen app can now automatically identify what you're watching through analysis of the show's "audio fingerprint." Several second screen TV apps use similar technology to sync up with what's on TV, although this implementation is more closely matched to what we've seen from IntoNow. Naturally, use of the latest feature is entirely optional, which includes the ability to automatically listen in when you start the app, along the with ability to manually activate the function by tapping a microphone icon. Gracenote reps tell us that Zeebox records a short, Vine-length audio clip, and then generates an audio profile based on that, which is recognized by Gracenote's Entourage system -- the audio recording itself never leaves your device. The new functionality is available on all versions of Zeebox, which includes Android, BlackBerry and iOS, but the ability for Gracenote to automatically identify shows is limited to programs that've aired in the past seven days.



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