Monday, October 28, 2013

Why Did Kate Moss Need a Body Double for This Ad?

Kate Moss and her fur-clad, nipply body double were photographed on a fashion set by the paparazzi in London a few days ago, and the resulting ads, for shoe label Stuart Weitzman, are already out. (Interesting side note: WWD reports that the paparazzi very kindly refrained from taking pictures of Moss during her smoke breaks, per her request.) This is Moss's second season with the brand.

But here's the real question: Why was it necessary to get Moss a body double for this? In addition to these print ads, Weitzman will roll out a video commercial later this summer, so chances are Moss got a (much younger) stand-in for some of the footage, which can't be airbrushed to death the same way that photographs can. Still, it says a lot that even Moss needs (well, "needs") these tricks.

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