Monday, November 25, 2013

Male Gaze: Will Smith in Independence Day

In 2013, Will Smith seems to have shaken off his Fresh Prince roots to present the world a more serious, distinguished face — as a father, actor, writer, and producer. While he still sports his impressive smile and well-groomed goatee, he's given up some of the assets from his younger years, like those glorious, glistening biceps that shined all throughout the nineties. In honor of July 4, we're heading back to 1996, when those shapely arms soaked up the spotlight on movie screens. Reminisce below by watching the trailer from Independence Day, and take one hot second ( ... or more) to appreciate young Smith and his penchant for wearing tight ribbed tanks in one of his first alien-related movies. And happy Fourth of July! We'll be back on Monday.

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