Saturday, November 16, 2013

‘Bitchy Resting Face’ Is Real

Bitchy Resting Face, the condition that makes women unwittingly unapproachable (except to men on the street instructing them to smile, sweetheart) is no joke. This morning, Today hosted Taylor Orci, creator of the very funny original video, to discuss the condition's origins and implications, and found a Michigan plastic surgeon who promises to correct BRF. "One procedure I perform in the grin lift, used to turn a permanent frown upside down,” Dr. Anthony Youn, told NBC. “As we age, some of us – myself included – find that the corners of our mouths droop, giving us a grumpy look. This is usually present with a resting face.” On the other hand, Tavi Gevinson thinks bitchface is an accessory no woman should leave home without.

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