Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Try This Nontoxic, Pleasant Smelling Bug Spray

We spend something like eight months out of the year counting down the days until we can bask in summer sun. But just like the hormonal euphoria that allows a woman to forget the ordeal of childbirth, we also forget the terrible aspects of summer — bugs, humidity, more bugs — until they are upon us.

Our savior: Mrs. White's Unstung Hero Mosquito Spray, a nontoxic bug repellent. Unlike most insect sprays on the market that contain toxic chemicals, smell awful, and leave a sticky residue, this all-natural formula combines an uplifting lemon tea scent and an amino acid that renders you invisible to pesky bloodsuckers. The spray is also non-oily, which means you can spray it with abandon all over your skin, clothes, and bedsheets without worrying about ruining your summer whites.

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