Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Kate Upton, Crop Top Get Another Vogue Cover

Following Kate Upton's momentous American Vogue cover debut, the magazine's Brazilian edition decided to give Gisele the month off for once and tapped Upton for July. In a white crop top, no less! Other observations:

1. Her other Vogue covers (Italian, British, and American, in that order) have styled her hair to look fluffy and Marilyn Monroe–esque, but this one has her hair slicked back and wet-looking. You can barely tell it's blonde. When will someone throw a brunette wig on her and "shock" everybody?

2. Her matching pencil skirt, coat, and crop top are from Miu Miu's spring collection, and it's a new look for her — normally magazines don't put her in voluminous silhouettes. Obviously it's falling off her shoulder a bit, because her clothes just can't ... stay ... on.

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